Joining an Escort Agency

So, you have decided to be an escort, maybe the hustle of dealing directly with your clients is too much, or, you just need the security of having your clients scrutinized for you, or, you just need a better pay for your pains; so you decide to sign up with an agency! Do you know the agency? Do you know its history? Do you have any references for the agency? How well do you know this agency you are signing up with?…

Typically, an escort agency provides clients with someone to accompany them, socially. The agency, in retrospect, should provide security for the principal. Some agencies meet this threshold, some don’t!
here are some questions to ask before signing up with an escort agency:

1. The agency’s background. It is of extreme importance that you know the agency that you will be signing up for. Get references from people who are currently working with or have already worked with the agency at some to get an insight of the inside goings-on of the agency. Legitimate agencies will always ask require you to take an in-person interview, background checks, medical tests to protect their clients. You might also be required to sign some documents, be it agreement forms, privacy statements. Read them thoroughly before appending your signature. Know the agency fully before signing up with them.

2. How secure are you with the agency? The agency should provide some level of security for you in the time that you are working with them. Does the agency provide client screening? Does the agency have enough of the clients information to at least be able to contact them in case of any emergency? Escort agencies will most likely protect their clients information so they may not present you with “samples” to prove this that is why you will need to dig deep in the agency’s background and get as much information as you can from the past. You could request the agency for their criminal history. It is always a good idea to keep your footing on the right side of the law, avoiding police scrutiny.

3. What do I give? What do I get? This is about you What are you going to gain from signing up with the agency in contrast with other agencies or working independently? What will be your obligations to your clients? What are the schedules? What is the responsibility of the agency with respect to your person? How much do you get paid? Ask this questions and more for yourself and get the answers you are satisfied with. Don’t settle for less.

This are general questions to ask before signing up with an escort agency. They are not the only questions you should ask. Ask more, until you are content with the answers you get and sure that signing up with the agency will be of at most benefit to you

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